Kamagra shipping North America

Kamagra now shipping to Nth America, US and Canada…

June 12, 2022 By Robin Brown 3

If you live in the US or Canada, you too can now share the Kamagraoioioi experience of great products, pricing, and customer service.

Currently, all website information and pricing is still written for the Australian market, but US and Canadian registration and delivery addresses can be entered, and we are successfully shipping parcels with tracking via USPS or CanadaPost.

When you make an order, the details presented to you by the website will, for now, be priced in A$’s, and provide an Australian Bank account to make payment to. Don’t worry too much about that, a follow up email will be generated and sent to you with the price for payment converted into US$’s, and with the information details of our US Bank account for making a local payment into.

And of course, if you have any concerns or queries, just send us an email at info@kamagraoioioi.com and we will quickly get back to you and work to understand and address your concerns.

So, hopefully this helps you with having confidence in us.
If not, please let us know why.
As we at Kamagraoioioi look forward to receiving and delivering your order…